Chilling Sanity…

At leisure

You approach the world

Holding within the treasure

Though thy presence dazzled

Every being;

Abstaining the closeness

When blissful intimacy awaits

Envisage a canvas

While blithe spirit navigates

Every passion;

The snowy veil

Blinds every existence

Even dreams do not sail

And bow down in silence

Every day by day;

The warmth you shower

With sweet soundless clarity

Do not show the power

But conform to chilling sanity

To begin a new life passage…

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A Wintery Quiver…

Crisp air shuddered the warmth of a quivered soul

When the world rested peacefully…

Again the harsh winter emerged like an invincible warrior 

Beguiled the creatures with enchanting dreams…

The beauty of vivid blooms disappeared in a flash

When tempestuous snow struck on a nocturnal night…

The cold stillness interludes every breath with unknown fear

Eerie tranquility provokes to seek refuge in darkness…

The dark woods promise to elevate the gloom

But the disguised Death awaits at the curve of the road…

Waiting to clench entirety in his claws

Shielded the circle with a snowy veil…

Agonizing sanity to summon his immortal presence

He weaved dark clouds to evoke a spell…

A trickery played to woo every life to surrender

Concealing the forbidden power that emanates eternally…