Symphony of Hearts…

Looking at the sun-kissed sky
While sitting on a tree so high
A chirping bird
Spread the word
Of a wondrous tale
Whispered like a fairytale…

A benevolent soul
Who traveled far away from Constantinople;
Hauled a bag of treasure
That concealed all the worldly pleasure
Headed towards the uncharted land
While embracing wild winds & flurry sand…

Lurching ahead to a dangerous terrain
Divine symphony to attain;
Guided by the starlit night
Embers of hope & love entwined
Flame that sets his soul ablaze
The fiery heart thrived to embrace…

The sky changed to a crimson hue
That broke all the spells untrue
Silence spoke in a secret way
Eyes caught a beautiful display;
She wore the smile so heavenly
And gazed at him dreamily
The sigh of undying love
Echoed in the universe above…

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