Symphony of Hearts…

Looking at the sun-kissed sky
While sitting on a tree so high
A chirping bird
Spread the word
Of a wondrous tale
Whispered like a fairytale…

A benevolent soul
Who traveled far away from Constantinople;
Hauled a bag of treasure
That concealed all the worldly pleasure
Headed towards the uncharted land
While embracing wild winds & flurry sand…

Lurching ahead to a dangerous terrain
Divine symphony to attain;
Guided by the starlit night
Embers of hope & love entwined
Flame that sets his soul ablaze
The fiery heart thrived to embrace…

The sky changed to a crimson hue
That broke all the spells untrue
Silence spoke in a secret way
Eyes caught a beautiful display;
She wore the smile so heavenly
And gazed at him dreamily
The sigh of undying love
Echoed in the universe above…

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You Gently Rocked the Cradle…

In the cradle of love
You held us with care
With gentle rocking
Calmed us with prayer...
The countless learnings
Learned the hard way,
Setbacks trammeled the chosen pathway
Yet like a savior!
Thou arrived on every hard day...
Being unmindful
We sailed towards the land of make-believe
A delusional world ,
Where agony waited in disguise to receive...
Pomp & unrefined happiness
Snatched the purity within;
Left us alone 
On a crossroad
We have never been...
Found you again
Resting on the ground
When gently you waved,
Told us to be brave
And embrace 
The new cradle named grave...

In Search Of A Colorful World….

What happened today
A beautiful world turned grey...
How to hold the emotions
When tears begin, the procession...
An aching heart
Shatters every belief apart!
Clouded thoughts overpower a peaceful mind
Why the human race is so unkind?
Divine energy is bestowed in each life
To fight the odds, but without a sheathed knife...
While the world envisages
For emerging colorful images...
When from a tattered life, we want to flee
Delusions hold reins and pull us away from reality...
So why not revive the harmony we shared
Let's untangle the animosity, for the love we cared....


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