A trail of impressions…

A trail of footprints on the seaside

Is a reflection of the path you embraced

Every impression conveys an anecdote

When only solitude emerges as a soulful companion…

A compassionate spirit masters countless battles

But a lifetime glides within a blink of an eye

While you wait or lament for a sublime moment

But what is left when the dust settles???

The intent gaze of mockery affixed your grief

A warmth in laughter brought solace to your agonized mind

Each instant unfurled a diverse spectrum of life 

But exceeded, beyond the grasp, as it slipped in no time…

So when death knocks on the doorway

Be sure of what you bore

Walk up another side, leaving the same footprints behind

A trail for others to follow, the path you endured eternally…

June 2023

Let the world know…

An Undying Desire…

While I struggled to fly high

Amongst the clouds but unable to touch the sky…

The strings attached pulled my shattered soul to the ground

A tearful procession coaxed my sorrows to be drowned…

Looking up to the soaring heaven, the urge unfolded again

Attempts to overcome thresholds the determination still remain

The passions burnt bright and fluttered like wings

The time has come to welcome the new spring…

If I fail now, the chances will never be the same

For eternity, I had this mysterious hidden flame

The vault of heaven only I can unlock

The ticking sound reminds me of a time clock…

Unscarred, I rise again to escape and traverse ahead

This very moment starlight steered me instead

Illuminated a path, while the uncertainties followed the trail

Upthrusted into eternity, I battened down the starry veil…

Let the world know…

A path I travelled

Grief-stricken I climbed the cliff

To end this worldly play

No more temptations left, for a heart to devour

I chose the path unknown…

The voice of dear ones, to heart it sounded distant

To end this merriment of heartless display

No more chasing of stars that sparkle so bright

I chose the path to stop the pain…

With a heavy heart, I walked ahead

To follow the blurry way

No more dreams twinkled in my eyes

I chose the path just to run away…

Seeing the end that looked so comforting

To overcome the turmoil to cast away

No more reasons to live a solitary life

I chose the path that gave me solace…

Reaching the top, I witnessed a struggle

To protect thy life, it firmly followed the pathway

No more challenges could restrain this purposeful being

As it chose the path to be the winner of the race…

The lesson I learned at that instant

To conquer the hardships and not to turn away

No more gloom clouded my mind

As I chose the path to rebuild the shattered courage…



  hours  minutes  seconds


Solar Eclipse

Let the world know..

Life, Struggle, Be the winner

Ever changing life…

Life changes every moment

We heard the saying through innumerable voices

What life offers? either relieve us from misery

Or shower us with enlightenment…

The path we choose after the transition

Sets our heart to achieve what we yearn

Sometimes what we desire is unachievable

But when the soul is on fire, the hurdles do not diminish our mission…

When we change ourselves to prove better in this world

Love, affection, the laughter of people surround us

But what if we become the worst version of ourselves 

Then we are left alone to deal with our demons of the underworld…

When filled with morality why the world never leaves us

But when we switch to worst, who stays to hold our hand?

Do remember this, when the change in life takes place

It’s to show the two sides of the same coin without a fuss…

Choose wisely what you fancy

Maybe this time, the change takes longer to occur…