The Buddha Mind

With wobbly steps

I walked the path

And followed the traces

Of eternal imprints

Carved by Sensei…

Slacking in efforts

I dreamt of;

Achieving my virtues 

And To rush ahead

In a short time…

I unearthed the knowledge

That the Lotus Sutra

Holds within;

Riches of treasures

To be conquered by the human mind…

But only grants its access 

To people;

Who upholds the teachings,

And the mystic law

Above thy self-indulgence…

Attacked by devils

To hamper my practice

My impatient mind

Yearned to devour

Everything in no time…

But the unscathed Heart

Fought the inner wars;

As Faith, practice & study

Are the pillars to rely on 

To lead an enlightening life…

And gradually, with a determined mind

To transform the way of life

I followed the enriching trails

Renewed the Vow of Kosen Rufu

To achieve a greater Human Revolution…

Poetry itself is a self preserved world of possibilities, emotions, feelings & a heartfelt truth…