A Storm Of Emotions…

On the horizon, I could see the storm,

Dance of destruction visible in every form,

The catastrophic sight approaching with fierce strides,

I wait for the outcome, whatever almighty decides…

Thundering n lightening together strikes a cord

Ghastly glares, like a lethal sword

Moving ahead, ready to pierce any mortal soul

Enveloping the entirety in its black hole…

A shudder felt through my spine

Nearby a flock of birds whine

Don’t fear the beast; the heartbeat reminds me

But dissipating prowess blinds me…

Closing thy eyes, I revived the words once spoken

Dark clouds are considered a bad omen

Death, darkness, devastation a deadly sight

Is what left to see under a moonlight…

We are mere puppets and pawn

Like a speck of dust, all treasures have gone

We played the part on this earth

Never knew; was living this worth?

In a moment like a movie; life flashed

How desires and dreams were trashed

Life wasn’t dreary how I made it to be

Pleasure n laughter was always beside me

Every tragedy faced leaves a trail of a new beginning 

Life is like a thread which needs spinning

Build a world with a new direction

While picking up the broken pieces of destruction…




Let the world know..