The Buddha Mind

With wobbly steps

I walked the path

And followed the traces

Of eternal imprints

Carved by Sensei…

Slacking in efforts

I dreamt of;

Achieving my virtues 

And To rush ahead

In a short time…

I unearthed the knowledge

That the Lotus Sutra

Holds within;

Riches of treasures

To be conquered by the human mind…

But only grants its access 

To people;

Who upholds the teachings,

And the mystic law

Above thy self-indulgence…

Attacked by devils

To hamper my practice

My impatient mind

Yearned to devour

Everything in no time…

But the unscathed Heart

Fought the inner wars;

As Faith, practice & study

Are the pillars to rely on 

To lead an enlightening life…

And gradually, with a determined mind

To transform the way of life

I followed the enriching trails

Renewed the Vow of Kosen Rufu

To achieve a greater Human Revolution…

Poetry itself is a self preserved world of possibilities, emotions, feelings & a heartfelt truth…

The pledged vow

We pledged the Bodhisattva Vow..

The time to act upon is now..

Adversities to victories demons tested our determination in disguise

But Mentor & disciple bond held the strongest ties..

When fear strikes, a guidance creates a mystic wave

Ripples seen far across the ocean, as we emerge brave..

Walking on the path carved by our mentors

We have the key to survive the harshest winters..

We are many in body ,one in mind..

But our heart follows the rhythmic chime

With this we change poison into medicine

within no time..

Let’s once again dust the old determinations left unnoticed on our shelves

Let’s propagate this law with perseverance and become the better version of ourselves ..