The Buddha Mind

With wobbly steps

I walked the path

And followed the traces

Of eternal imprints

Carved by Sensei…

Slacking in efforts

I dreamt of;

Achieving my virtues 

And To rush ahead

In a short time…

I unearthed the knowledge

That the Lotus Sutra

Holds within;

Riches of treasures

To be conquered by the human mind…

But only grants its access 

To people;

Who upholds the teachings,

And the mystic law

Above thy self-indulgence…

Attacked by devils

To hamper my practice

My impatient mind

Yearned to devour

Everything in no time…

But the unscathed Heart

Fought the inner wars;

As Faith, practice & study

Are the pillars to rely on 

To lead an enlightening life…

And gradually, with a determined mind

To transform the way of life

I followed the enriching trails

Renewed the Vow of Kosen Rufu

To achieve a greater Human Revolution…

Poetry itself is a self preserved world of possibilities, emotions, feelings & a heartfelt truth…

You Gently Rocked the Cradle…

In the cradle of love
You held us with care
With gentle rocking
Calmed us with prayer...
The countless learnings
Learned the hard way,
Setbacks trammeled the chosen pathway
Yet like a savior!
Thou arrived on every hard day...
Being unmindful
We sailed towards the land of make-believe
A delusional world ,
Where agony waited in disguise to receive...
Pomp & unrefined happiness
Snatched the purity within;
Left us alone 
On a crossroad
We have never been...
Found you again
Resting on the ground
When gently you waved,
Told us to be brave
And embrace 
The new cradle named grave...

A Soulful Quest….

Come sit beside me

Let’s cherish the moment

Of unbroken thoughts

Not even invaded by sensuous night…

The unquenched love

Enkindling dark desires within

Eyes twinkling with intense passion

To rejoice the togetherness… 

Life bequeathed heavenly fortunes 

At our doorstep

And we built a castle of smiles

Showered love at every step…

Time has summoned us

To commence a new journey

Let’s embark on this soulful pilgrimage

As being each other’s light and shadow…

Let’s built castle of happiness together…

K Sinh

Be A Dreamer!!!

We delve into deeper meaning

Dreaming delirious dream;

Extreme feelings seem surreal supreme

Between endless tempers, we redeem..

Interim cheery reminders

Gleam gently towards each being;

Though fleeting sunbeam retires unseen!!!

Be the dreamer

Thy heart desires!!!

Rejoice every dearest delights

Conceal the glee like the mighty stream…

K Sinh

Let the world know…

In Search Of A Colorful World….

What happened today
A beautiful world turned grey...
How to hold the emotions
When tears begin, the procession...
An aching heart
Shatters every belief apart!
Clouded thoughts overpower a peaceful mind
Why the human race is so unkind?
Divine energy is bestowed in each life
To fight the odds, but without a sheathed knife...
While the world envisages
For emerging colorful images...
When from a tattered life, we want to flee
Delusions hold reins and pull us away from reality...
So why not revive the harmony we shared
Let's untangle the animosity, for the love we cared....


  hours  minutes  seconds


Time for 2021

A World So Real..

In a real-world

Where reality is far fetched

A wandering soul,

May look dubious to the eyes

The reason behind

An unreal vision

Is to perceive happiness

In the most unrealistic things…

The embellished blissfulness

Lasts till the blink of the eyes

And when gone;

May not allow you to grieve 

As the real reason to cherish

Each moment

Only demands contentment…

An endeavor we exhibit

While chasing shimmering dreams

Yet, it pulls us away

From the world,

Which is so real in nature

But alas! still deprives

The pretentious desires of our heart…

A Wintery Quiver…

Crisp air shuddered the warmth of a quivered soul

When the world rested peacefully…

Again the harsh winter emerged like an invincible warrior 

Beguiled the creatures with enchanting dreams…

The beauty of vivid blooms disappeared in a flash

When tempestuous snow struck on a nocturnal night…

The cold stillness interludes every breath with unknown fear

Eerie tranquility provokes to seek refuge in darkness…

The dark woods promise to elevate the gloom

But the disguised Death awaits at the curve of the road…

Waiting to clench entirety in his claws

Shielded the circle with a snowy veil…

Agonizing sanity to summon his immortal presence

He weaved dark clouds to evoke a spell…

A trickery played to woo every life to surrender

Concealing the forbidden power that emanates eternally…

A trail of impressions…

A trail of footprints on the seaside

Is a reflection of the path you embraced

Every impression conveys an anecdote

When only solitude emerges as a soulful companion…

A compassionate spirit masters countless battles

But a lifetime glides within a blink of an eye

While you wait or lament for a sublime moment

But what is left when the dust settles???

The intent gaze of mockery affixed your grief

A warmth in laughter brought solace to your agonized mind

Each instant unfurled a diverse spectrum of life 

But exceeded, beyond the grasp, as it slipped in no time…

So when death knocks on the doorway

Be sure of what you bore

Walk up another side, leaving the same footprints behind

A trail for others to follow, the path you endured eternally…

June 2023

Let the world know…

Sorrow the unloved child!!!

To immerse in the morning splendor, I unlocked the window

Bewitched to admire this heavenly luster

When thy eyes spotted someone’s shadow!!

Hunched under a gloomy cloud, She strived to hide the face

To conceal her Identity 

She lurked in a corner, as if debase!!

A dreadful look and stillness in eyes 

A subdued stranger, she eternally remains aloof

Like an unwelcomed guest under any roof!!

I walked up to her with tender loving care

Withholding compassion in my heart to know

What brings her here? 

She glanced at me with a frightening gaze

The unmasked pain inside unable to disguise

Revealed the state of her misery!!

Oh! It’s Sorrow, the forsaken child of God,

The defiled image forever forbade her

To enter the cheery world!!

Born discarded, abandoned, She infinitely existed like a sin

Exiled from the warmth of the world

Who carved her inevitable fate??