A Wintery Quiver…

Crisp air shuddered the warmth of a quivered soul

When the world rested peacefully…

Again the harsh winter emerged like an invincible warrior 

Beguiled the creatures with enchanting dreams…

The beauty of vivid blooms disappeared in a flash

When tempestuous snow struck on a nocturnal night…

The cold stillness interludes every breath with unknown fear

Eerie tranquility provokes to seek refuge in darkness…

The dark woods promise to elevate the gloom

But the disguised Death awaits at the curve of the road…

Waiting to clench entirety in his claws

Shielded the circle with a snowy veil…

Agonizing sanity to summon his immortal presence

He weaved dark clouds to evoke a spell…

A trickery played to woo every life to surrender

Concealing the forbidden power that emanates eternally…

A trail of impressions…

A trail of footprints on the seaside

Is a reflection of the path you embraced

Every impression conveys an anecdote

When only solitude emerges as a soulful companion…

A compassionate spirit masters countless battles

But a lifetime glides within a blink of an eye

While you wait or lament for a sublime moment

But what is left when the dust settles???

The intent gaze of mockery affixed your grief

A warmth in laughter brought solace to your agonized mind

Each instant unfurled a diverse spectrum of life 

But exceeded, beyond the grasp, as it slipped in no time…

So when death knocks on the doorway

Be sure of what you bore

Walk up another side, leaving the same footprints behind

A trail for others to follow, the path you endured eternally…

June 2023

Let the world know…

A path I travelled

Grief-stricken I climbed the cliff

To end this worldly play

No more temptations left, for a heart to devour

I chose the path unknown…

The voice of dear ones, to heart it sounded distant

To end this merriment of heartless display

No more chasing of stars that sparkle so bright

I chose the path to stop the pain…

With a heavy heart, I walked ahead

To follow the blurry way

No more dreams twinkled in my eyes

I chose the path just to run away…

Seeing the end that looked so comforting

To overcome the turmoil to cast away

No more reasons to live a solitary life

I chose the path that gave me solace…

Reaching the top, I witnessed a struggle

To protect thy life, it firmly followed the pathway

No more challenges could restrain this purposeful being

As it chose the path to be the winner of the race…

The lesson I learned at that instant

To conquer the hardships and not to turn away

No more gloom clouded my mind

As I chose the path to rebuild the shattered courage…



  hours  minutes  seconds


Solar Eclipse

Let the world know..

Life, Struggle, Be the winner

Ever changing life…

Life changes every moment

We heard the saying through innumerable voices

What life offers? either relieve us from misery

Or shower us with enlightenment…

The path we choose after the transition

Sets our heart to achieve what we yearn

Sometimes what we desire is unachievable

But when the soul is on fire, the hurdles do not diminish our mission…

When we change ourselves to prove better in this world

Love, affection, the laughter of people surround us

But what if we become the worst version of ourselves 

Then we are left alone to deal with our demons of the underworld…

When filled with morality why the world never leaves us

But when we switch to worst, who stays to hold our hand?

Do remember this, when the change in life takes place

It’s to show the two sides of the same coin without a fuss…

Choose wisely what you fancy

Maybe this time, the change takes longer to occur…

A Storm Of Emotions…

On the horizon, I could see the storm,

Dance of destruction visible in every form,

The catastrophic sight approaching with fierce strides,

I wait for the outcome, whatever almighty decides…

Thundering n lightening together strikes a cord

Ghastly glares, like a lethal sword

Moving ahead, ready to pierce any mortal soul

Enveloping the entirety in its black hole…

A shudder felt through my spine

Nearby a flock of birds whine

Don’t fear the beast; the heartbeat reminds me

But dissipating prowess blinds me…

Closing thy eyes, I revived the words once spoken

Dark clouds are considered a bad omen

Death, darkness, devastation a deadly sight

Is what left to see under a moonlight…

We are mere puppets and pawn

Like a speck of dust, all treasures have gone

We played the part on this earth

Never knew; was living this worth?

In a moment like a movie; life flashed

How desires and dreams were trashed

Life wasn’t dreary how I made it to be

Pleasure n laughter was always beside me

Every tragedy faced leaves a trail of a new beginning 

Life is like a thread which needs spinning

Build a world with a new direction

While picking up the broken pieces of destruction…




Let the world know..

The pledged vow

We pledged the Bodhisattva Vow..

The time to act upon is now..

Adversities to victories demons tested our determination in disguise

But Mentor & disciple bond held the strongest ties..

When fear strikes, a guidance creates a mystic wave

Ripples seen far across the ocean, as we emerge brave..

Walking on the path carved by our mentors

We have the key to survive the harshest winters..

We are many in body ,one in mind..

But our heart follows the rhythmic chime

With this we change poison into medicine

within no time..

Let’s once again dust the old determinations left unnoticed on our shelves

Let’s propagate this law with perseverance and become the better version of ourselves ..

A Dwelling Mind

Entered the dark dungeons

Too intrigued to search

Unable to follow the instructions

Anxiously ahead I lurch

To overcome the fright..

Riddles of life no one can configure

How a laughter vanishes untraced

A little panic onsets a trigger

A beautiful image suddenly gets displaced

But a daring soul looks for a new adventure..

There! spotted that reminiscing pleasure

In a moment! it turned spiteful

A heart’s depth who can measure

As once this place was so insightful

Like a treasured tower of unnerving quest..

Taking a doughty step ahead

Looking around as the new world unfolds

I walked while holding the enchanted thread

Found my laughter covered in moulds

A mystic light passed swiftly, calling me forth..

Sitting atop with a candle besides

I discovered what started this arduous travel

Gloom, Joy, Sorrow, Hope, Passion, Hatred, Fear, Love nothing he hides

The true essence of living to unravel

He smiled as waiting for me for a lifetime..

My questioning eyes met his placid appearance

In no time befell the soul stirring serenity

What forever seemed as bounded inherence

He waded every cell with tranquility

The obscured emotions are not his giving..

Agreed at once! What we feel is our creation

He gave us an open canvas to paint

We filled darkness due to subtle obligation

Only we can decide whether be a seer or a saint

Mind is our biggest strength to dwell

To bring the goodness in each to share..

While We Wait For A New Dawn

Let’s welcome the morning, while Sun shines through skylight..

Let’s Open the gleaming eyes, while holding a infectious smile with delight..

Let the face light up with no traces of worries, while we think about last night..

Let the mind wander off, while we savour the beginning of a new day..

Let’s cherish our existence, while soaking our soul to blessings tucked away..

Let nature play the enchanted melody, while we dance and sway..

Let the heart feel every beat, while each cell radiates divine light..

Let’s relive the past, while destiny fills the rhythmic flight..

Let the love, colour every touch, while fire within ignite..

Let’s start a journey, while the path looks dark

Let’s create a echo of laughter, while the world holds no spark

Let me hold the light, while along comes a lark..

Let the scars bleed, while draining every inch of ache..

Let’s utter the unspoken words, while the moon is awake..

Let again God create the happy place, while granting mercy for mankind’s sake..

Longing for Love..

Come and sit beside me

I have waited for you eternally ..

A spirit battered, forcibly..

Only left an insipid body! to see..

Born with a vision in eyes

I smiled through troubling times..

A soul sent on Earth is worldly wise

But venomous desire fills up heart with lies..

A heart confides mysteries of delicate likings

Luscious yearning to remain enfolded in arms

At times a glance is sufficient for surviving

At night, moon reminded of your charms..

The distance stretched for years, centuries or existed perpetual

Closed eyes visualised your existence in many forms

Living solitary life turned into a ritual

Alone this soul confronted lashing storms..

Longing to sit besides you while holding hands

A thought like a soothing balm for hidden scars

Oceans, horizons nothing in between us stands

Look up in sky we are like twining stars..

Now you have come when nothing is left

When Time has played its evil trick!

Mortal being of youthfulness is now bereft

Death knocked suddenly, trapped the soul and away it slipped..


Fly high to touch the clouds

Why feel lonely in the crowd?

Be gutsy! dodge all obstacles

And one day you will touch the pinnacle..

You wonder! Why we struggle in our lives?

You wonder! Even success needs a bribe?

Each failure is a road map, but hard to accept

Lionhearted! be unfazed, it’s just a speck..

Moment has arrived, flutter your wings

Hold that radiant sword like a king..

Ascend towards the soaring majestic sky

Reminisce, the fading valour to aim high..

Immense fortune awaits ahead don’t shed tears over your loss,

Life is a beautiful melody! to hear the symphony learn which bridge to burn and which one to cross..