While We Wait For A New Dawn

Let’s welcome the morning, while Sun shines through skylight..

Let’s Open the gleaming eyes, while holding a infectious smile with delight..

Let the face light up with no traces of worries, while we think about last night..

Let the mind wander off, while we savour the beginning of a new day..

Let’s cherish our existence, while soaking our soul to blessings tucked away..

Let nature play the enchanted melody, while we dance and sway..

Let the heart feel every beat, while each cell radiates divine light..

Let’s relive the past, while destiny fills the rhythmic flight..

Let the love, colour every touch, while fire within ignite..

Let’s start a journey, while the path looks dark

Let’s create a echo of laughter, while the world holds no spark

Let me hold the light, while along comes a lark..

Let the scars bleed, while draining every inch of ache..

Let’s utter the unspoken words, while the moon is awake..

Let again God create the happy place, while granting mercy for mankind’s sake..

Longing for Love..

Come and sit beside me

I have waited for you eternally ..

A spirit battered, forcibly..

Only left an insipid body! to see..

Born with a vision in eyes

I smiled through troubling times..

A soul sent on Earth is worldly wise

But venomous desire fills up heart with lies..

A heart confides mysteries of delicate likings

Luscious yearning to remain enfolded in arms

At times a glance is sufficient for surviving

At night, moon reminded of your charms..

The distance stretched for years, centuries or existed perpetual

Closed eyes visualised your existence in many forms

Living solitary life turned into a ritual

Alone this soul confronted lashing storms..

Longing to sit besides you while holding hands

A thought like a soothing balm for hidden scars

Oceans, horizons nothing in between us stands

Look up in sky we are like twining stars..

Now you have come when nothing is left

When Time has played its evil trick!

Mortal being of youthfulness is now bereft

Death knocked suddenly, trapped the soul and away it slipped..


Fly high to touch the clouds

Why feel lonely in the crowd?

Be gutsy! dodge all obstacles

And one day you will touch the pinnacle..

You wonder! Why we struggle in our lives?

You wonder! Even success needs a bribe?

Each failure is a road map, but hard to accept

Lionhearted! be unfazed, it’s just a speck..

Moment has arrived, flutter your wings

Hold that radiant sword like a king..

Ascend towards the soaring majestic sky

Reminisce, the fading valour to aim high..

Immense fortune awaits ahead don’t shed tears over your loss,

Life is a beautiful melody! to hear the symphony learn which bridge to burn and which one to cross..

A Lovely Tale…

Sitting by the window

Basking in the sunlight

Lost in thoughts though

Recalled the sensual night…

He swiftly walked in and gazed into her soul

A euphoric feeling within; he evoked,

A heart hidden beneath the surface he stole

A fire within; her; provoked..

Don’t agonise my heart her eyes conveyed

Suffered enough for a lifetime

Sufficed a penalty for its existence,

Love tricks !people have already played

World is no longer jocund and sublime

Don’t ignore my silent grief of resistance…

His eyes assured, our souls are etched

Be fearless! In pure love we dance and drench,

Delights of life awaits to be unearthed

Moments of nostalgic dreams are yet to be


Join me for a soulful journey, a pilgrimage for our aching heart

My quest ends as our souls never lived apart..

Winter Love..

Winter is dreamy and darkening

Opiate’s life with its chilling spite…

Covers the world with its snowy hue

It creeps up slowly without a clue..

No one to be seen , not even a glimpse

Only whisper my dear, voices are shrill and crisp..

As snow covered path knows our secret

They hold our worries within,to keep it..

A respite from harsh misery and torment

A pray quivering lips, so invent

Who ll question the frightening Winter Queen

Her queerish wrath is unforeseen!!!!

Ohh my love come back home

I ‘m Wondering and waiting in our dome

My soul is restless, destitute to see you

Let’s travel together to a place anew

Where pastures are green, full of dew

Let’s revive the love we knew..