Ever changing life…

Life changes every moment

We heard the saying through innumerable voices

What life offers? either relieve us from misery

Or shower us with enlightenment…

The path we choose after the transition

Sets our heart to achieve what we yearn

Sometimes what we desire is unachievable

But when the soul is on fire, the hurdles do not diminish our mission…

When we change ourselves to prove better in this world

Love, affection, the laughter of people surround us

But what if we become the worst version of ourselves 

Then we are left alone to deal with our demons of the underworld…

When filled with morality why the world never leaves us

But when we switch to worst, who stays to hold our hand?

Do remember this, when the change in life takes place

It’s to show the two sides of the same coin without a fuss…

Choose wisely what you fancy

Maybe this time, the change takes longer to occur…

One thought on “Ever changing life…

  1. As blank verse its a good effort. There are places where the line could have been recomposed to make it more lyrical. By end of the poem the reader must be drawn into the atmosphere you are creating. You are much better at this than what I was at your age.

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