A Storm Of Emotions…

On the horizon, I could see the storm,

Dance of destruction visible in every form,

The catastrophic sight approaching with fierce strides,

I wait for the outcome, whatever almighty decides…

Thundering n lightening together strikes a cord

Ghastly glares, like a lethal sword

Moving ahead, ready to pierce any mortal soul

Enveloping the entirety in its black hole…

A shudder felt through my spine

Nearby a flock of birds whine

Don’t fear the beast; the heartbeat reminds me

But dissipating prowess blinds me…

Closing thy eyes, I revived the words once spoken

Dark clouds are considered a bad omen

Death, darkness, devastation a deadly sight

Is what left to see under a moonlight…

We are mere puppets and pawn

Like a speck of dust, all treasures have gone

We played the part on this earth

Never knew; was living this worth?

In a moment like a movie; life flashed

How desires and dreams were trashed

Life wasn’t dreary how I made it to be

Pleasure n laughter was always beside me

Every tragedy faced leaves a trail of a new beginning 

Life is like a thread which needs spinning

Build a world with a new direction

While picking up the broken pieces of destruction…




Let the world know..

The pledged vow

We pledged the Bodhisattva Vow..

The time to act upon is now..

Adversities to victories demons tested our determination in disguise

But Mentor & disciple bond held the strongest ties..

When fear strikes, a guidance creates a mystic wave

Ripples seen far across the ocean, as we emerge brave..

Walking on the path carved by our mentors

We have the key to survive the harshest winters..

We are many in body ,one in mind..

But our heart follows the rhythmic chime

With this we change poison into medicine

within no time..

Let’s once again dust the old determinations left unnoticed on our shelves

Let’s propagate this law with perseverance and become the better version of ourselves ..