A Dwelling Mind

Entered the dark dungeons

Too intrigued to search

Unable to follow the instructions

Anxiously ahead I lurch

To overcome the fright..

Riddles of life no one can configure

How a laughter vanishes untraced

A little panic onsets a trigger

A beautiful image suddenly gets displaced

But a daring soul looks for a new adventure..

There! spotted that reminiscing pleasure

In a moment! it turned spiteful

A heart’s depth who can measure

As once this place was so insightful

Like a treasured tower of unnerving quest..

Taking a doughty step ahead

Looking around as the new world unfolds

I walked while holding the enchanted thread

Found my laughter covered in moulds

A mystic light passed swiftly, calling me forth..

Sitting atop with a candle besides

I discovered what started this arduous travel

Gloom, Joy, Sorrow, Hope, Passion, Hatred, Fear, Love nothing he hides

The true essence of living to unravel

He smiled as waiting for me for a lifetime..

My questioning eyes met his placid appearance

In no time befell the soul stirring serenity

What forever seemed as bounded inherence

He waded every cell with tranquility

The obscured emotions are not his giving..

Agreed at once! What we feel is our creation

He gave us an open canvas to paint

We filled darkness due to subtle obligation

Only we can decide whether be a seer or a saint

Mind is our biggest strength to dwell

To bring the goodness in each to share..