While We Wait For A New Dawn

Let’s welcome the morning, while Sun shines through skylight..

Let’s Open the gleaming eyes, while holding a infectious smile with delight..

Let the face light up with no traces of worries, while we think about last night..

Let the mind wander off, while we savour the beginning of a new day..

Let’s cherish our existence, while soaking our soul to blessings tucked away..

Let nature play the enchanted melody, while we dance and sway..

Let the heart feel every beat, while each cell radiates divine light..

Let’s relive the past, while destiny fills the rhythmic flight..

Let the love, colour every touch, while fire within ignite..

Let’s start a journey, while the path looks dark

Let’s create a echo of laughter, while the world holds no spark

Let me hold the light, while along comes a lark..

Let the scars bleed, while draining every inch of ache..

Let’s utter the unspoken words, while the moon is awake..

Let again God create the happy place, while granting mercy for mankind’s sake..

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