Longing for Love..

Come and sit beside me

I have waited for you eternally ..

A spirit battered, forcibly..

Only left an insipid body! to see..

Born with a vision in eyes

I smiled through troubling times..

A soul sent on Earth is worldly wise

But venomous desire fills up heart with lies..

A heart confides mysteries of delicate likings

Luscious yearning to remain enfolded in arms

At times a glance is sufficient for surviving

At night, moon reminded of your charms..

The distance stretched for years, centuries or existed perpetual

Closed eyes visualised your existence in many forms

Living solitary life turned into a ritual

Alone this soul confronted lashing storms..

Longing to sit besides you while holding hands

A thought like a soothing balm for hidden scars

Oceans, horizons nothing in between us stands

Look up in sky we are like twining stars..

Now you have come when nothing is left

When Time has played its evil trick!

Mortal being of youthfulness is now bereft

Death knocked suddenly, trapped the soul and away it slipped..

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