Winter Love..

Winter is dreamy and darkening

Opiate’s life with its chilling spite…

Covers the world with its snowy hue

It creeps up slowly without a clue..

No one to be seen , not even a glimpse

Only whisper my dear, voices are shrill and crisp..

As snow covered path knows our secret

They hold our worries within,to keep it..

A respite from harsh misery and torment

A pray quivering lips, so invent

Who ll question the frightening Winter Queen

Her queerish wrath is unforeseen!!!!

Ohh my love come back home

I ‘m Wondering and waiting in our dome

My soul is restless, destitute to see you

Let’s travel together to a place anew

Where pastures are green, full of dew

Let’s revive the love we knew..

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